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Rethinking Investment
in Africa

We are an unconventional, forward-thinking company dedicated to maximizing investment value in Africa. Our mission is to realign investment considerations with the unique realities and fundamentals of the African continent to help investors and businesses achieve optimum success.

In doing so, we recognise that human capital development stands at the core of the continent's success, underscoring our commitment to fostering a thriving and sustainable future.

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    Deep Understanding of the African Market

    Primer Africa offers a nuanced understanding of the African market, not solely based on statistics but rooted in a profound understanding of the people, cultures, and societal dynamics across the continent.

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    Holistic Approach to Investments

    We embody a holistic approach to investment advisory and support, driven by a combination of data-driven insights, genuine passion for Africa's development, and a steadfast commitment to creating value for all stakeholders.

What we do

Currently focusing on
Redefining Afro economy

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Our continent, Africa, is still in its infant stage of growth and development. This translates into numerous economic potentials that can be harnessed through investments..

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We prioritize community and collaboration as essential pillars of our approach to investment and development.

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Having the youngest youth population in the world can open doors of opportunities for a continent like Africa. However, for the benefits to be harnessed positively...

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  • Core Values

    At Primer Africa, our values are anchored in integrity, transparency, innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to contributing meaningfully to Africa's development and progress.

  • Strategic Plan

    Our planned strategy involves incorporating bespoke considerations, extensive research, and data analysis to understand market potentials and help investors determine the most efficient allocation of financing across the continent.



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