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Primer Africa

We may be a new establishment, but our purpose is straightforward: we're breaking away from the crowd mentality to redefine how investments are approached in the continent. We firmly believe that investments must align with the uniqueness of African society for true success, with human capital development at the core of Africa's prosperity.

As we establish ourselves, we are actively building a robust knowledge base and understanding of our continent. Leveraging data and collaboratively sharing socioeconomic stories across Nigeria and Africa, we aim to lay the foundation for meaningful change and sustainable growth. Our commitment is rooted in shaping a future where investments thrive in harmony with the distinct qualities of the African society.

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    Deep Understanding of the African Market

    Primer Africa offers a nuanced understanding of the African market, not solely based on statistics but rooted in a profound understanding of the people, cultures, and societal dynamics across the continent.

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    Holistic Approach to Investments

    We embody a holistic approach to investment advisory and support, driven by a combination of data-driven insights, genuine passion for Africa's development, and a steadfast commitment to creating value for all stakeholders.

Choose Us

The real question should be, 'Why not choose us?' Unlike many, we don't just comprehend the African Market by the numbers; we understand it through the lens of its people and their way of life. Fueled by a combination of data, passion, and purpose, our objective is to establish a win-win situation for all stakeholders without compromising the future of our beloved continent.

Planning & Approach

Our planned strategy involves incorporating bespoke considerations, extensive research, and data analysis to understand market potentials and help investors determine the most efficient allocation of financing across the continent. By doing so, we aim to minimize business failures, revive investor confidence, and boost the continent's reputation as the preferred investment destination in the world.

Successful Solutions

  • Planning
  • Research
  • Implementation